5 Best Tourism Destinations in Africa

Its about that season of the year when the thought of how to spent you festive season or thinking of an awesome place  in Africa for the holidays, just to relax your mind from all the stress of work, deadlines, projects, or you are just looking for an awesome destination to spend time by your self  with your love ones

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Here are some awesome tourism locations where you can actually heat to and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of this world and feel peace with the universe.







If you’re looking for a great safari getaway, Botswana is the perfect destination to visit . Bordered by South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, Botswana is one of Africa’s most popular and exclusive safari destinations to visit.  Botswana is a fascinating world, home to well-known landmarks such as the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert and the Chobe National Park. To help you prepare for your holiday here are some interesting.

Spanning across 600 370km2(231,788 miles²) Botswana is one of Africa’s most popular tourism destinations. Located in southern Africa, just north of South Africa, Botswana is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and is home to over 1.5 million people. This varied and fascinating country has some unique and outstanding facts and trivia around it.

At 600 370km² (231,788 miles²) Botswana is a similar size to Madagascar and is just slightly smaller than Texas and only slightly larger than France.

The Kalahari Desert covers over 80% of Botswana resulting in its climate being mostly arid to semi-arid. Rainfall occurs mainly in summer with the peak times being in January. The average rainfall is about 500mm per year in the northeast and less than 250mm in the other parts of the country, some countries or areas, such as Chocó in Columbia can receive 500 mm of rain in just one day.

The Okavango River runs through the centre of the Kalahari Desert, creating the unique ecosystem known as the Okavango Delta, from which the abundant bird and wildlife populations flourish. The Okavango River Delta is one of the world’s largest inland deltas. Chobe National Park is located on the banks of part of the Okavango River and is home to over 120 000 Elephants.A predominantly flat landscape, the two highest points in Botswana are Otse Mountain, which is 1 491 metres, and the Tsodilo Hills which is 1 489 metres. Both of these points are taller than Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain which is only 1 085 metres high. Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is almost 4 times higher than both points.

The Okavango River The Okavango River The Okavango River  resortThe Okavango River 

If you love culture and heritage, you can explore San history at the Tsodilo Hills. Tsodilo Hills is well-known for its bushmen rock art with over 4 500 paintings being found in the various caves in the hills.You can visit the villages of the San people, and see rock paintings that have existed for thousands of years.


downloaTsodilo Hills

Despite the stigma of being ‘in third-world Africa’, Botswana is a very well-off or rich country thanks to the wealth of diamonds found in there. A politically stable country and most of the population enjoys a high standard of living. Botswana has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growth rates since 1966.






Kenya is an ideal destination for family holidays, safaris, and beach holidays. The best time to visit is between October and March.

Lamu is a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for a wellness retreat. Here, you can enjoy yoga retreats, stunning beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. You can get to the island in a dhow ferry from Manda Island.

At Malindi and Watamu, you can explore the diversity of marine life nestled in coral reefs. You can also enjoy bird watching at Lake Nakuru. Amboseli National Park is a fantastic place to visit if you love wildlife. You can also enjoy the stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

If you’re a culture and history enthusiast, the Gede Ruins in Watamu will give you much insight about the island’s heritage. Knowing how to speak some Swahili, which is Kenya’s official language, is very helpful. You’ll find it easier to connect with locals.

For accommodation, you can stay at Diani Place. Prices start at $84. Shella Royal House in Lamu is a great option, with a start price of $151. If you’re in the Masai Mara region, Loyx Mara Luxury Lodge is a great choice, with a start price of $308. For more information on accommodation, see the Tourism Kenya website.

The cost range for flights to Lamu is between $198 and $331. You can travel on Air Kenya from Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani Beach, and Malindi. A flight to Watamu and Malindi will cost from $231.

You can apply for your visa online. A single entry visa costs $51. Passport holders from South Africa don’t need a visa for a period of fewer than 30 days. Visitors from certain countries, including Ghana, Mauritius, and Zambia, also don’t need a visa into Kenya. For more information, check on the Tourism Kenya website.





Lesotho is the perfect destination for a nature retreat. You can immerse yourself in the majestic Maloti Mountains, and see the best wildlife. Adventure lovers can enjoy a ski trip during the country’s winter season.

The main attractions to visit are the parks and reserves. You can explore a variety of bird life at the Sehlabathebe National Park. You can also visit the Sani Pass, which is a world heritage site. The pass sits on the Drakensberg escarpment between Lesotho and South Africa. It is 2,874 meters above sea level.

The Ts’enhlanyane National Park is a scenic park that has an array of wildlife, birds, and flora. Its location is at the foot of the Holomo Pass at the Maloti Mountains.

The Bokong Nature Reserve overlooks the magnificent Lepaqoa Waterfall and Valley. It is the perfect place for a wellness retreat and hiking.

Accommodation is available at the Maliba Mountain Lodge, with a start price of $135. You can also stay at the Sehlabathebe National Park Heritage Lodge or the Sani Lodge. Both accommodations have a start price of $10.

You don’t need a visa if you’re a passport holder from:

  • South Africa
  • Swaziland
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Sri Lanka
  • Fiji

A single entry visa costs $150. For more information on visa requirements, visit the Lesotho embassy in your country. Lesotho uses Loti as its currency. The value of the Loti is the same value as the South African Rand. ATMs are only available in Maseru.

Travelers from the SADC region can take a flight to Maseru. The costs range from $530 to $759. If you’re in South Africa and want to travel by road, you can drive to the Maputsoe or Ficksburg Border Posts. These are open 24 hours a day.




Rwanda has earned the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills” for its stunning scenery. Its mountainous landscape is breathtaking, and it’s home to six active volcanoes.

A visit to the East African nation isn’t complete without exploring the Volcanoes National Park. Here, you’ll see the park’s famous attraction, mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. You’ll also enjoy a variety of flora.

You can enjoy great water activities at Lake Kivu. It is Rwanda’s largest lake and the sixth largest lake in Africa. Boat tours, kayaking, and fishing are available at the lake.

If you’re a tea or coffee lover, Rwanda is the place to enjoy these hot beverages. Explore tea farms and learn more about this industry by going on a tea plantation tour. You can book these tours through travel agents or Rwanda Tourism.

You can stay at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, which is close to the Volcanoes National Park. Prices start from $227 per night. Another option for accommodation is the Gorillas Lake Kivu Hotel in Gisenyi. The hotel overlooks Lake Kivu, and prices start from $92.

Visas cost $30, and you can apply for one at the Rwandan consulate in your country.

São Tomé e Principe is Africa’s smallest state situated in the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat, this island is the perfect destination.

You’ll enjoy beautiful beaches and excellent diving spots. On a dive, you’ll see the island’s diverse marine life. The best sites for diving are Ilheu das Rolas, located in the south of the island, and Ilha da Santana. You can book diving trips with the island’s leading diving agency, Club Maxel.

Whale watching is a favorite activity to do on the island between July and September. You can see these majestic creatures at Ilha das Cabras and Lagoa Azul.

If you love hiking, you can trek through the island’s exotic jungle to reach the top of Pico de São Tomé. It is the island’s highest point above sea level at 2,024 meters and is the island’s oldest volcano.

The popular choice of accommodation is the Miramar Hotel. Prices start at $134 per night. Another option is the Cocoa Hotel Residence, with prices starting at $40.

You’ll need a visa from the São Toméan embassy before entering the country. You’ll also need to produce yellow fever and malaria certificates upon arrival. Airlines that fly to São Tomé e Principe include TAP Portugal and Air Angola. To start planning your trip, visit the São Tomé e Principe website.



If you’re planning a romantic getaway or a wellness retreat, be sure to head to Seychelles. The island-nation consists of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. The outer islands of Seychelles offer beautiful beaches and an array of wildlife. The main ones are Alphonse and Desroches.

If you want to immerse yourself in nature and total relaxation, the island is a must-visit. You can dive and explore untouched coral reefs, and see a diversity of marine life. You can enjoy fishing and sailing activities. Best of all, you can swim in the island’s crystal blue waters.

Seychelles has a rich culture consisting of a diverse population. The Seychellois came from Africa, Asia, and Europe. They brought with them unique traditions, languages, and cuisines. Creole, French, and English are the dominant languages spoken on the island. Local cuisine is delicious, consisting of fish, spices, and tropical fruit.

You don’t need a visa to enter Seychelles, only a passport. You’ll also need return or onward tickets, proof of accommodation and enough funds for the duration of your stay. Immigration will process your paperwork at the Seychelles International Airport.

You can travel to the main island via Air Seychelles, and get to the outer islands via Zil Air. Alphonse Island has a beachfront resort that will cost you between $3,689 and $9,497 per night per person. Another beautiful resort is the Desroches Island Resort on Desroches Island. The prices range from $1,101 to $2,202 per double room per night.

You can stay at the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Hotel & Spa in Mahé. It’s a 5-star resort that offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Prices range between $557 and $807.



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