South African Lady Zamar Confirms New Album Release “Monarch” Coming This Month.

Her new album titled Monarch is set to be released this month however she has not confirmed a date as of yet. Looking back at her previous releases, we can expect the new album to be a huge hit.

She is clearly in the final touches of post-production, excluding the title, the artist revealed that the album will consist of 20 tracks and will feature rapper Rhapsody on one of the tracks. It keeps on getting hotter, other collaborations involve Tellaman, Moonchild, Msaki with many more in the mix.

1: Lady Zamar – This is Love

2: Lady Zamar – Adore

3: Lady Zamar – Be Mine

4: Lady Zamar – Delirium

5: Lady Zamar – Sunshine

6: Lady Zamar – Donatella

7: Lady Zamar – I Wish

8: Lady Zamar – Destiny

9: Lady Zamar – More and More

10: Lady Zamar – Our Process

11: Lady Zamar – Dangerous Love

12: Lady Zamar – ICU

13: Lady Zamar – Delaware

14: Lady Zamar – Addiction

15: Lady Zamar – Mary jane

16: Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter

17: Lady Zamar – Say Yes

18: Lady Zamar – Low Low Ft. Tellaman

19: Lady Zamar – Fat girl

20: Lady Zamar – Freedom Ft. Rapsody

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