‘Xenophobic SA’ Tweet, AKA Claps Back

‘Xenophobic SA’ Tweet AKA Claps Back
‘Xenophobic SA’ Tweet AKA Claps Back

, He says it the way he feels it without mincing words, and that has earned him the title of being a “controversial” celebrity, isn’t afraid of anybody.

A few weeks after his tweets about the rivalry between SA and Nigeria sparked a massive Twitter storm, AKA has once again called for calm and said that being proudly South African does not make you anti anything else.

The star was caught up in a heated Twitter exchange with Nigerian artists two weeks ago as xenophobic violence erupted across SA. AKA received death threats and warnings not to visit Nigeria after his comments, but later claimed they were “taken out of context” and his words misrepresented.


Overtime and consistently,  has made it known and crystal clear by his remarks that  he would get personal with those who don’t listen and wouldn’t capitulate to anyone calling SA xenophobic.

Following a much suspense filled drama earlier this year, the rapper was the centre of attraction when he demanded an apology from Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, for claims he made about “his people” being killed in SA.

On other occasions SupaMega has engaged in a series of verbal wars with people on Twitter over the issue.

Especially recently when a random individual on Twitter crept in with another claim that SA was xenophobic; the rapper responded with a stinging backlash.

According to the user, while SA and  were “doing xenophobia”, Ghana was making money by letting people in.

AKA wasn’t going to be cut out for an intellectual debate. Instead, he decide to cut the snake’s head from its body, with a clap back reply to the tweet:

“Your avi looks like your breath stinks,” AKA wrote, before labelling those fighting against him as “irritating.”

Reactions trailed the backlash with funny memes and comments flooding his TL. Few other responses ranged from telling their idol to ignore the trolls, to encouraging him to “finish” the haters.

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